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How To Root BQ BQS-5071 Belief

How To Root BQ BQS-5071 Belief

Advantages of rooting BQ BQS-5071 Belief

  1. Installation of custom ROMs 

  2. Remove bloatware 

  3. Ad blocking 

  4. Installation of special apps 


Disadvantages of rooting BQ BQS-5071 Belief

  1. It voids your phone warranty
  2.  Chances of bricking your phone
  3.  Free up Memory


Rooting helps a lot of users to increase the performance of the mobile phone and also change part of how your phone reacts on certain command which is why rooting a phone is a famous and well-known topic worldwide. As we discussed above the application method is by far the easiest way but along with an application, I am providing the software solution to root your phone which means you can root your phone with or without a computer.

Today I will show you 2 methods to root your BQ BQS-5071 Belief


1) Using Kingroot App (no pc)

  1. Click here to download and Install kingroot apk file 
  2. Once the app is downloaded on your smartphone tap on the app for installation.Before installation, the app required your permission because you are installing a custom app so when a pop-up prompt message will be appeared titled INSTALL BLOCKED just go to SETTINGS and tap on UNKNOWN SOURCE as shown in Figure.

Root is an application and software that allow its users to access hidden operating system files on your phone. After installing the root codes or application on your android phone you can install any third-party app from unknown sources and even modify your current OS or any of its functions.

 Custom recovery application such as TWRP and Xposed Framework can only be installed on the android phone once it’s been rooted. Be noted that root will void the remaining warranty of your phone that is why it is highly recommended to be used on the older phone.


  1. Now the app will begin to install, once installed open it and tap on button ONE CLICK ROOT.
  2. Once the process is finished your phone will be rooted. Be patient during the period of root because some can take up to 30 minutes to root and make sure your phone does not disconnect from the internet during rooting.

2) Using Kingroot EXE (With pc)

  1. Click here to download and Install kingroot exe for pc 
  2. Install and run it you will see the image shown below connect your device and wait for the root process to begin make sure to enable usb debugging first


How to unroot BQ

Just like rooting you should unroot your phone whenever you visit customer service office to repair your smartphone or installing operating system updates on your smartphone.

Using Supersu App

  1. Click here to download the Supersu App

Open Application and then go to settings page, scroll down and tap on FULL UNROOT.

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