Hard reset, Xiaomi

How To Hard Reset(Factory Reset Or Master Reset) Xiaomi Mi 8

Hard Reset Or Factory Reset XIAOMI Mi 8

Hard reset solves the following issues :

·         Running slowly,

·         Freezing or not responsive,

·         Virus infection,

·         Stuck in boot screen,

·         Random reboots or restart problem after firmware update,

·         Frequent failures, errors from system and apps,

·         You cant remember device password or pattern lock,

Wondering :

How  to factory reset XIAOMI Mi 8.

How to wipe all data in XIAOMI Mi 8.

 How to bypass screen lock in XIAOMI Mi 8.

How to restore defaults in XIAOMI Mi 8.

The following tutorial shows all method to reset XIAOMI Mi 8 and  accomplish hard reset by hardware keys and Android  settings. As a result your XIAOMI Mi 8 will be as new and your Qualcomm Snapdragon will be restored to its factory settings.

First method:

1.  Switch off the phone by using the Power button.


2. Press and hold together Power key  and Volume Up for a few seconds.


3. Release only power key as soon as the Mi Logo appears on the screen.

4. Release volume up key when recovery mode appears.

5. Now use power key to select the English language.

6. Use volume up and down to scroll and power key to select “Wipe Reset/Data” .

7. Again use Volume up and down to navigate and power button to Select “Wipe All Data”.

8. Confirm the whole process by selecting “confirm” using power key.

9. Select reboot system using power button and wait for the device to restart.This normally takes upto 10 minutes.

Well done! The hard reset operation has just been performed.

For more information watch this video below:



Second  method:

 Soft reset, also known as soft reboot, is the restarting or rebooting of a device like a computer, smartphone or tablet. It closes all applications and clears any data in random access memory. Soft resetting is usually performed to repair malfunctioning applications.

How To Soft Reset Your Android Devices      

Factory Reset Xiaomi Mi 8 From The Settings Menu

If you can access your Xiaomi Mi 8 factory data reset menu, then you can completely erase all the data, settings and content on your device. This process will turn it to factory default settings like the first day of the Smartphone.

You can finish Xiaomi Mi 8 factory reset process via settings menu by following the below steps.

v  Be sure that your device has at least %50 charge life.

v  Logout from your Google Account to remove the FRP Lock.

v  Use Backup and Restore option to backup your data.

1.       Open the Settings menu.

2.       Scroll down to the bottom of the page and tap General Management.

3.       Tap the Reset menu and select the Factory Data Reset.

4.       Read the information on the screen and tap Reset Device.

5.       Enter your device pin, screen lock or password.

6.       Tap Delete All.

7.       After a few minutes, your device will reboot and factory data reset process finishes. At the welcome screen, login your Google account and you can start Restore Data process.


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