How To Solve Please RePower On & Off On Miracle Box

Please RePower on & off how to solved this problem(Fixed)

If you see “Please RePower on & off” message when you try to connect your device,then watch the video below and fix the problem.

Definition Applied

Scanning USB Serial port…

SU2Serial Port: COM12

Connecting to Phone,Wait..

Please RePower on & off

Connecting to Phone,Wait…

Open port error, Port is occupied or non-existent

Please RePower on & off


1. Power Off Phone and Remove Battery.

2. Please hold the correct spd feature or china phone boot keys(UP and DOWN or use Miracle Boot Key) for feature/button phones,see the image below.

3. On miracle box under SPD choose the right option and chipset type and click start button.

4. While holding boot key,insert usb cable to phone via PC followed by battery.

Well done!!

For more information watch the video below:

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May u get me all the keypad phone unlock codes?


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