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How to Bypass Google Account (FRP) On Samsung Zv10

Factory Reset Protection/FRP

This is a new security feature designed by developers to prevent unauthorized users from accessing phone devices after performing hard reset. Once FRP is activated, one cannot use the Smartphone without the correct Google account credentials, PIN, password or pattern.

Bypass Google Account (FRP) On Samsung Zv10

Follow these simple steps to easily remove Google account lock on your Samsung Zv10:

1.      Connect your WIFI or SIM card data

2.    Return to home screen and long press it using your two figures to enable talkback settings

3.    Draw “L” on the screen (Lesson 1:Basic navigation)

4.    Double tap “Talkback Setting”

5.     Hold and press volume up and down key at the same time to pause talkback

6.    Release the keys and click “OK” to confirm “Suspend TackBack”

7.     Scroll down and select “Privacy Policy”

8.    Choose Samsung browser” Internet”

9.    On internet search, type “” and click “Go”

10. Wait for the website to load then download the following applications:

Android 5(GAM).apk  

FRP Bypass.apk

11.      Select “Bookmarks” –“History”-“Download history”

12.    Wait for the two files to complete downloading

13.    Install Android 5 (GAM).apk and click “Done”

14.    Install FRP Bypass.apk and “Open”

15.     Click on the 3 dots on the right top corner and select “Browser sign-in” then”OK”

16.    Login with a valid Google account, click next then input password and sign in

17.     Congratulations you are done!! Restart your Samsung Zv10 and complete the initial setup



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