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How To Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S10 5g

Hard Reset Samsung Galaxy S10 5g

This guide will show you a simple way on :

how to factory reset SAMSUNG S10 5g

How to wipe all data in SAMSUNG S10 5g.

How to bypass screen lock in SAMSUNG S10 5g.

How to restore defaults in SAMSUNG S10 5g

All method of master reset SAMSUNG S10 5g.

So Check out how to accomplish hard reset by hardware keys and through android settings. As a result your SAMSUNG Galaxy S10 5g will be as new and your core will run faster.

1. Restart your Samsung Galaxy S10 5g by pressing the Power button .

2. Immediately press and hold powerVolume Up Bixby buttons before the device reboots.

3. Release all keys when Samsung Galaxy logo appears.The “Installing system update” and “No command” screens will appear, followed by the Android Recovery menu.


4. Using the volume down button scroll to the option “wipe data/factory reset” and select it using the power button.



5. You will be brought to a screen as the one shown below. Using the volume down button scroll to the option yes”  and use the power button to select it.Wait for the reset to be complete.


samsung hard reset

6. Select reboot system now using the power button and wait for the device to restart .

7. This normally takes upto 10 minutes.Congratulations you have successfully hard reset your Samsung Galaxy S10 5g.

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