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How to Unlock Nokia N80

How To Unlock Or Reset Nokia N80 Phone Keypad

Forgot the password of Nokia Nokia N80?learn how to restore Nokia Keypad Mobile phones factory settings or get into a locked phone here.

There are plenty of ways to learn how to get into a locked featured china phone. We will make you familiar with different ways to unlock a device without knowing its passcode. provides a hassle-free solution to unlock or remove a device’s Pin, password, pattern security without losing your data or causing any harm to it. So if you’ve been trying your standard keypad mobile password unlocking method and it isn’t working, this could resolve it.

Hard Reset  And Unlock All Nokia Featured Phones

Wondering how to factory reset Nokia N80? How to wipe all data in Nokia N80? How to bypass screen lock in Nokia N80? How to restore defaults in Nokia N80?

The following article shows all methods of master reset  on Nokia N80. Check out how to accomplish factory reset by hardware keys ,Vendor settings and using tools. As a result your Nokia will be successfully unlocked.

1.First method:

This guide will help you easily regain access to your Coolsand/RDA Feature Nokia phone after forgetting your Unlock Code or Privacy Code.

If you’ve forgotten the password then you cannot be able to access the all the locked applications, the method below helps you read the code without having to download and flash the firmware.


•             Download Miracle Box

•             PC

•             USB cord

•            Manually Install Coolsand/RDA drivers


Follow the below steps to Read Unlock/Privacy Lock on COOLSAND/RDA Feature Phones

1.              Download and extract the content of the Miracle Box to your desktop. Open the folder and run “MIRACLE THUNDER 2.58 or 2.82 CRACK”

2.         Manually Install Coolsand/RDA drivers to the PC

3.            Open or run miracle box crack as administrator and Click on the coolsand/RDA 

                then tick Rd unlock tab

4.          Connect the phone to your PC (must be switched off still with battery inside) then long press “0”when connection options pops up(Mass storage and COM port)

5.          Once you see “open usb download“, click start button  


6.          If the phone is successfully connected, Miracle will scan and display the Unlock Codes

             as shown below:


Check out this video below for more information:

One comment on “How to Unlock Nokia N80

Jashoo Dayeri

Hi, I found information in here very useful and thanks for that. However I have problem with my Nokia N80 which has been away for more than 12 years. I wonder if I can put my question here and get some advice from you. I know the device is to old to be taken care of but you may still have some fresh information about that. I lost old SIM card and I just decided to turn it on and I noticed it was locked on SIM. It bugged me and I wanted to unlock it. I’m taking steps in here, but the problem I have is that when I long press “o” or power button, my windows starts seeing USB activity from Nokia’s serial port but it quickly stop and windows cannot recognize USB device and because of that NO serial port gets associated with Nokia port. That’s why I couldn’t continue unlocking my device.

Do you have any suggestion, advice or thought on this? I really appreciate your feedback.



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